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About Custom Promotional Cotton Totes Bags


About Custom Promotional Cotton  Totes  Bags

Cotton has a long and storied history, and for good reason. This excellent fiber is strong, durable, takes dye well and is extremely 

comfortable against the skin. It also makes for one of the best materials for bags, because it holds its shape so well, can handle 

many washings and in its naturally colored state, hides stains fairly well.

But the benefits of cotton bags are just beginning there. If you’re wondering whether cotton totes will make a good addition to 

your marketing suite, it’s a smart idea to look into them today. We think you’ll find they perform even better than you expect.

Environmental Efficiency

First and foremost, cotton bags and totes strike a point for the environment. One of the biggest problems facing our world today 

is plastic. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, for instance, which is an island of trash the size of a continent

floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. (If you’re curious, there’s another almost as bad in the Atlantic).

Given the problems facing the Earth, it’s imperative that we all do our part to reduce materials such as plastic in the environment.

You can do it by offering cotton bags to your customers that will give them an alternative. As an added bonus, customers usually 

appreciate such options, and it makes them think better of you. Multiple studies have shown that businesses viewed as being 

“green” are more likely to get and retain customers and show increasing profits.

Luckily, some of our organic cotton options are the best choice for any business wanting to appear more sustainable. 

Our unbleached tote options – such as the Cotton Canvas Tote Bag or the Canvas Messenger Bag – don’t require any harsh 

chemicals to achieve that bright white color, saving the environment that much more. Plus, some of our totes are guaranteed to 

break down so they don’t litter the environment of future generations. Think the Biodegradable Standard Cotton Tote, perfect 

for farm stand beverage suppliers, breweries and tasting rooms, or upscale grocery stores.