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The Production Process of Non woven bag


There are many kinds of Non Woven Bag technology.

Non Woven Bags are usually used in screen printing process, which is often referred to as "screen printing". This is also a printing

process commonly used by many manufacturers. Generally, the color control of the process is not controlled, so many new 

non-woven printing methods have been created, which introduce the mainstream of the market:

However, with the continuous improvement of the quality and environmental protection requirements of the products, many new 

non-woven printing methods have emerged, which introduce the mainstream of the market:

A, the watermark

Because of its use of water-based elastic paste as a printing medium, it is more common in textile printing, also known as printing.

When printing, mix the color slurry with water - based elastic glue. Do not use chemical solvents when printing, can rinse directly

with water. It is characterized by good shading, strong covering, fastness, washable, and almost no smell.

2. Gravure printing

The finished products used in this method are usually called multifilm Non Woven Bags. This process is divided into two steps: first, 

the traditional gravure printing process will be used to print the image on the film, and then the coating process will be used to 

compound the film with the pattern on the nonwoven fabric. This process is used in the Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag of large area 

color pattern printing. It is characterized by exquisite printing, the whole process of machine production, short production cycle. 

In addition, the product has excellent waterproof performance, and the durability of the finished product is better than the 

Non Woven Ultrasonic Bag produced by other processes. The film has two kinds of light and sublight, the sublight has frosted 

effect! The disadvantage is that there is a conflict with the concept of environmental protection, because the film is difficult to 


Heat transfer

Heat transfer printing belongs to special printing! This method requires intermediate medium, which is to print the picture first to 

the heat transfer film or the heat transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern to the nonwoven fabric by adding temperature on 

the transfer equipment. The commonly used medium in textile printing is heat transfer film. Its advantages are: the printing is 

exquisite, has rich level edition, can compare the photograph. Suitable for small area color image printing. The disadvantage is 

that the price is high, the printing cost is high, and the effect is not natural.

Traditional plastic bag shopping bags have been used in the past, plastic bag factory to save cost so the materials are thin and 

fragile. But to make him stronger, he would have to spend more. Nonwoven ultrasonic bag has solved all problems, non-woven 

shopping bags, toughness and not easy to wear. There are a lot of laminated non-woven shopping bags, which are more durable,

more waterproof, feel good, and have a nice appearance. Although a single cost is a little bit more than a plastic bag, its service life

is a non-woven shopping bag that can reach hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.