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Benefits of Reusable Bags


They’re cost-effective: You can use reusable cloth bags for years and never have to toss them away. If they become dirty, 

you simply throw them in the washing machine and keep on using them.

They’re strong: You can use them for many years. They also carry much more weight than plastic bags.

They save resources:  Plastic bags use natural gas and crude oil to manufacture, they’re non-biodegradable and they require

even more fossil fuel to ship. When you use a reusable bag, you’re not just decreasing the amount of non-renewable resources 

needed for producing plastic bags, but you’re also decreasing the amount of money it costs each year for your community to 

clean them up.

They’re reliable and durable: Unlike plastic bags that are flimsy, reusable bags are durable and you can carry a lot more at one

 time. Fill them right up — they won’t break. This means you’ll make fewer trips from your car and back and can carry more at

 a time comfortably.

Plus, you know your grocery bags aren’t going to bust open when you’re carrying your groceries because the bags are too flimsy. 

Reusable bags are strong and will hold a lot of your groceries.

Wash Your Reusables Regularly

Don’t forget, you’ll also be carrying things like dairy and meat which could contaminate the bags, so you’ll want to wash them 

regularly to keep them clean and safe to use. You can simply toss them in your washing machine and dry them as normal.

So, the real question here is, are reusable bags better than plastic or even paper bags? The answer will really depend on how

committed you are to using them. If you use them regularly, and you should, then yes, you’ll be contributing to a less cluttered 

and healthier planet.